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Lam­mily - Aver­age is Beautiful!

What if Dolls Were Made Using Stan­dard Human Body Proportions?
Normal shaped barbie by Nick­o­lay Lamm

You prob­a­bly have seen this pic­ture of a normal shaped barbie that was virally float­ing around the inter­net a few weeks ago:


If you were one of the many people who were asking ‚Can I buy one of those?’ - Now you can!

The cre­ator of that viral image started a crowd­fund­ing cam­paign that is extremely suc­cess­ful. He made $400,000 in one week.

You can still pre-order your Lam­mily there:

We take ads for real life!

Today my news feeds were cov­ered by posts about a video by film­maker Tatia PIlieva who pre­tended she ‚asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time’.

The video is well done. And it has quickly gone viral because  life and love are really that wonderful.

But it’s not real.

Art is a hammer? Really, Karl Marx?

Picture of Karl Marx
Karl Marx

‚Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it.’ (Karl Marx)

Actu­ally, I don’t fully agree with Karl. Ok, right... some­times art is abused just to reflect the artist’s opin­ion about a cer­tain thing or to show cer­tain people who behave in a way the artist dis­likes how bad they are. Movies are more likely affected by that wag­ging finger, usu­ally doc­u­men­taries but also fic­tional movies. The prob­lem is:

You can’t change a bad thing just by point­ing at it with a finger (or a camera). You have to show us how to make it better! To know what is bad is a good start at most. We need ALTERNATIVES to change the world! So far so good.

But do we also need to change the GOOD THINGS??

Well... a hammer can shape, a sickle can cut off... But some thing should stay the way they are, even need our protection!

I think art is a great mirror in many cases. A mirror to reflect the GOOD and BEAUTIFUL THINGS in our world to open our eyes and give us hope!

Just my 2 cents.

Morning Reflection
Morn­ing Reflec­tion | Artist: Gerald Stokes
What do YOU think?

Is art a mirror or a hammer?  Please drop your 2 cents below! :)

First Post! :)

I’m gonna start blog­ging but I didn’t yet... so I needed this dummy post for test­ing my new site. To make it a little more inter­est­ing I add a pic. That’s me, look­ing down in front of a red wall (my office’s wall):

Image of Daniel Boehme - storyteller and social entrepreneur
Daniel Boehme - sto­ry­teller and social entrepreneur

Btw, do you like it, my new site?? Please add YOUR 2 cents below! :)

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