We take ads for real life!

Today my news feeds were cov­ered by posts about a video by film­maker Tatia PIlieva who pre­tended she ‚asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time’.

The video is well done. And it has quickly gone viral because  life and love are really that won­der­ful.

But it’s not real.

The ‚strangers’ are actu­ally paid models, rock stars, actresses in a viral ad for clothes. Yes, they are just acting. It’s FAKE, not love. It’s not random at all and unfor­tu­nately this could NOT happen to anyone every day.

And THAT’S the reason why half of the inter­net is so com­pletely crazy about that fake video and finds it soo beau­ti­ful. They are NOT REAL PEOPLE but every­one thought they were.

We take ads for real life!

The sad­dest part is that every­one - even main­stream media and indie blogs - fell for it. While we were think­ing we shared a beau­ti­ful piece of art with our net­works we were abused to spread a viral ad for free. Media com­pe­tency = ZERO.
And even worse: The same people who always whine about pho­to­shopped models in ads now pre­tend ‚it’s beau­ti­ful anyway! it does­n’t matter if it’s acting or real...’ instead of get­ting angry about being abused to spam the inter­net with a viral ad with pho­to­shopped models pre­tend­ing they were strangers kiss­ing for the first time. HELLO?!


If I would make a first kiss video with the first 20 random people I meet on the street - that would be MUCH MORE beau­ti­ful! And much less viral: most people simply would­n’t believe that it’s true...


Pimm’s Girl Comedy reacted promptly and par­o­dies First Kiss:


Another parody:


And again, now with real strangers:


And now - for the sake of com­plete­ness - the orig­i­nal:

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  1. RT @daniel_boehme: «We take ads for real life!» http://t.co/aJLy3L4tHP

  2. Well... when i saw this the first time I knew those were actors.. but for me it´s still a very beau­ti­ful video. I won´t buy those clothes anyway :D

  3. And if you would have made a video with real strangers... it MIGHT have turned out bad or just as good or even better. Who knows? That´s hypo­thet­i­cal. But some­one else had this good idea ;-)

  4. i know. the kisses in this video are all pretty much the same. just a very narrow point of view, a cer­tain kind of kiss. boring, cold, total lack of per­son­al­ity. there’s MUCH more to human beings kiss­ing for the first time than per­formed in this video. and i tell this just from the first kisses i had. i am sure real­ity will show us much more diver­sity.

    and fool­ing around with your audi­ence’s feel­ings for com­mer­cial profit is SO NOT a good idea!

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