We take ads for real life!

Today my news feeds were cov­ered by posts about a video by film­maker Tatia PIlieva who pre­tended she ‚asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time’.

The video is well done. And it has quickly gone viral because  life and love are really that wonderful.

But it’s not real.

The ‚strangers’ are actu­ally paid models, rock stars, actresses in a viral ad for clothes. Yes, they are just acting. It’s FAKE, not love. It’s not random at all and unfor­tu­nately this could NOT happen to anyone every day.

And THAT’S the reason why half of the inter­net is so com­pletely crazy about that fake video and finds it soo beau­ti­ful. They are NOT REAL PEOPLE but every­one thought they were.

We take ads for real life!

The sad­dest part is that every­one - even main­stream media and indie blogs - fell for it. While we were think­ing we shared a beau­ti­ful piece of art with our net­works we were abused to spread a viral ad for free. Media com­pe­tency = ZERO.
And even worse: The same people who always whine about pho­to­shopped models in ads now pre­tend ‚it’s beau­ti­ful anyway! it does­n’t matter if it’s acting or real...’ instead of get­ting angry about being abused to spam the inter­net with a viral ad with pho­to­shopped models pre­tend­ing they were strangers kiss­ing for the first time. HELLO?!


If I would make a first kiss video with the first 20 random people I meet on the street - that would be MUCH MORE beau­ti­ful! And much less viral: most people simply would­n’t believe that it’s true...


Pimm’s Girl Comedy reacted promptly and par­o­dies First Kiss:


Another parody:


And again, now with real strangers:


And now - for the sake of com­plete­ness - the original:

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  1. RT @daniel_boehme: «We take ads for real life!» http://t.co/aJLy3L4tHP

  2. Well... when i saw this the first time I knew those were actors.. but for me it´s still a very beau­ti­ful video. I won´t buy those clothes anyway :D

  3. And if you would have made a video with real strangers... it MIGHT have turned out bad or just as good or even better. Who knows? That´s hypo­thet­i­cal. But some­one else had this good idea ;-)

  4. i know. the kisses in this video are all pretty much the same. just a very narrow point of view, a cer­tain kind of kiss. boring, cold, total lack of per­son­al­ity. there’s MUCH more to human beings kiss­ing for the first time than per­formed in this video. and i tell this just from the first kisses i had. i am sure real­ity will show us much more diversity.

    and fool­ing around with your audi­ence’s feel­ings for com­mer­cial profit is SO NOT a good idea!

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