Lam­mily - Aver­age is Beau­ti­ful!

What if Dolls Were Made Using Stan­dard Human Body Pro­por­tions?
Normal shaped barbie by Nick­o­lay Lamm

You prob­a­bly have seen this pic­ture of a normal shaped barbie that was virally float­ing around the inter­net a few weeks ago:


If you were one of the many people who were asking ‚Can I buy one of those?’ - Now you can!

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Today my news feeds were cov­ered by posts about a video by film­maker Tatia PIlieva who pre­tended she ‚asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time’.

The video is well done. And it has quickly gone viral because  life and love are really that won­der­ful.

But it’s not real.