‚Imag­ine how life could be...’

A life where we could work for a better world, for hap­pi­ness, for fun - not only for paying the rent. A life where we would help others with­out think­ing about money, where we would use our cre­ativ­ity to help improv­ing our soci­ety - not only to find ways to sur­vive. A life free of exis­ten­tial angst, mal­nu­tri­tion, home­less­ness... and full of joy, friend­li­ness, pas­sion, light... a life living its full poten­tial: a LIFE UNLEASHED!

life unleashed - banner 960
LIFE unleashed - visions of life with a basic income - (View on flickr)

This is my new com­mu­nity project to  pro­mote the idea of a Basic Income! (Learn more aboutthat...)

13 Stages - diary of a modern relationship

This is one of my most impor­tant, suc­cess­ful and funny pieces of work... a short movie about the strug­gles of rela­tion­ships in the 21. cen­tury. A very uncon­ven­tional dra­matur­gic struc­ture, non-chronological nar­ra­tion and a huge (intented) dis­tance to the main char­ac­ters - yes, dis­tance. This way I got my audi­ence exactly where I wanted them: in the middle of THEIR OWN love story!

Join the next stage of this project: the ‚Com­mu­nity Diary’ on

Music Videos:

Escimos - Attract me! (3)
Esci­mos - Attract me! (View on flickr)
Jack in the box - Little Boy (1)
Jack in the box - Little Boy (View on flickr)
Stadtlicht - Be quiet or die (1)
Stadtlicht - Be quiet or die (View on flickr)

Those are some of my music videos. I’m a musi­cian myself, so shoot­ing music videos is a quiet obvi­ous choice for me... and I enjoy it really much! :)

I like it if songs are fun AND socio-critical. But it’s get­ting really seri­ous when it comes to

Social Spots:

PETA - test123
PETA - test123 - Social Spot against animal test­ing (View on flickr)
Music can change much... but social spots are lit­er­ally ads for a better world!
beautiful but dead (cover)
beau­ti­ful but dead - social spot to raise aware­ness of HIV (View on flickr)

To see more of my videos visit my chan­nel on vimeo!

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